by Hallucination

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released December 31, 2013

Jake Black - Bass/Vocals
Joseph Cruise - Guitar
Tyler Marvin - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Jack Allen - Drums



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Hallucination Scranton, Pennsylvania

Black/death metal band from Scranton, Pennsylvania currently raising money to record a full length album! Check out our demo, and if you like what you hear, support us by purchasing it and liking us on Facebook!

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Track Name: Beauty
I am the raven at your window
Looking in with a broken wing.
My feathers tattered and torn,
I open my mouth but cannot sing.

Silhouetted, behind the curtain;
Your elegant contour drew me near.
Standing in beauty, in a dress,
Is a woman over which I obsess.

I'm eager to see how serene you'll be
When you lie peacefully asleep.
And what a better way to see
Than to render you peacefully deceased?

After all, life is a but a dream;
Only in death will your beauty be real.
And with nothing but a paintbrush,
I shall illustrate your tranquility.

I am the cloud that covers the sun,
I am the wind that blows open your door,
I am the force that makes the rivers run,
And I will capture your image forevermore.
The roses I brought for you lay
On the ground, wilted, in the rain.
The wind sings a solemn dirge.
You never even knew my name.

I didn't come here to die.
I came here to find out if I'm really alive.
Time ceased to persist forever ago.
Look into the abyss and fucking dive.
Track Name: Psychosis
I dreamed of a world,
A world in black and white,
A world of mind,
A world of sight.

I dreamed of a world,
Of purpose and meaning.
I awoke in a
Hospital bed.

Everything was
Suddenly grey.
My lips would move
But there was nothing to say.

I'd much rather be dreaming
Than wasting time staying alive.
I'd rather move from this world to the next
Than spend another day here.

Is there no true escape from life
Other than inside my dreams?
Are my dreams reality
And death is an awakening?
Track Name: 1917
From each according to his ability,
To each according to his need.
When labor has become life's prime want,
Then we can live by this communist creed.

This revolutionary transformation will
Last forever, more glorious than any other.
The working class will rule as I
Oversee the land of our mother.

Nineteen seventeen;
Such a revolution the world had never seen.
Or so they had said for seventy years;
Until the Union fell.